Let’s Talk About Mold

If you’re worried that you have a mold problem (because of persistent odors or discoloration on walls and floors) that may require remediation or removal, we can survey the condition of your home and assess the situation. We know where to look for the sources of mold and can take samples of your air and specimens of surface discoloration to determine the extent and type of mold that may be present.

In some cases we may identify mold immediately without an outside lab. Getting you answers quickly is one way that we help you solve your mold problems, and even just knowing the type and extent of mold damage can improve your peace of mind.

Poor ventilation, storage or improper drainage, and mechanical failure of ventilation systems are all common but significant contributors to home interior mold growth. Many of these problems can be solved relatively easily, and sometimes, simple repairs will help to prevent or halt further mold propagation.

MoldPro LLC can help you identify your mold sources and develop your mold elimination strategy. Once your plan is in place we’re also there to do that work if you like.

One call does it all. We’ll quickly remove any contaminated lumber and damaged material, get rid of the mold, and build back your home quickly, as good as new!

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