You’ve come to the company who cares deeply about what we do and how we are able to help you and your family live healthier lives.

And while there are other mold remediation companies, no one does it like we do, without using any harmful chemicals in our process. We remove the mold and mold root, not just cover it up with paints, fogging toxic chemicals in the air or treating the surface of the mold with sprays. Our chemical-free system for mold remediation is proven to safely remove mold without chemicals or further spreading mold spores.

Our commitment and philosophy to provide chemical free mold remediation comes with the experience of using the harsh caustic chemicals in the past.

When MoldPro LLC first opened for business in Michigan years ago, we sprayed chemicals and used encapsulant paints among other outdated methods of remediation – but we never liked how harmful they were or how they made us feel when breathing in the harmful fumes.

Concerned about the health effects the chemicals would leave behind not only in the home but especially with those living in the home, we made the investment in much more effective and healthy methods of remediation.

Our chemical free philosophy led us to the remediation process of dry ice blasting, the most advanced method of mold removal today. Dry ice is safe because it is the solid form of what we exhale, therefore no one can ever say they have a reaction or their health is compromised by our process.

MoldPro LLC is committed to remaining chemical free. We have NEVER had a customer not be able to safely return to their home after our work. Most people report that shortly after our work is complete they begin to feel better.

Further we have never had to return to a job after our work is completed. We have done a lot of projects in homes where people’s health was severely compromised from mold, some even doubted if they could remain in their home. All of them have successfully returned to their homes.

Our process is unique but very effective, which allows us to treat the two main negative elements that come from mold — the toxins as well as the mold spore.

We don’t cover up your problems or “treat” your mold by spraying chemicals, which with enough humidity, the mold could return. We remove the mold root entirely.

MoldPro LLC specializes in your home or business thorough air testing and chemical free mold remediation.