If you’re battling allergies, asthma, respiratory conditions, or other toxin illnesses linked to mold exposure, MoldPro LLC is here to restore your living space’s health. Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, we adopt a meticulous three-phase method to eradicate airborne mold pollutants, safeguarding your well-being

In-Home Evaluation and Strategy

Our initial step in safeguarding your home against mold begins with a personalized consultation to assess potential moisture sources and conduct a comprehensive visual inspection. We thoroughly examine key areas prone to moisture accumulation, such as attics, crawlspaces, and basements, to identify conditions favorable for mold growth.

Understanding that mold thrives in environments with 40% relative humidity or higher — a common scenario in our service area — we delve into the history of your home to pinpoint and address the root causes of moisture intrusion.

Basements and crawlspaces are prone to leaks, broken pipes, and high humidity.  Over the years, we have found many sources of mold growth in homes – basement hoarding, homes built with molded wood, lack of a crawlspace vapor barrier, inadequate attic venting, and poor foundation grading are all examples of how water can enter a home and cause mold growth.

Much of our work is done either in basements, crawlspaces, and attics. With over 25 years of experience as licensed builders, our expertise enables us to identify various factors contributing to mold issues, ensuring a targeted approach to creating a healthier living space for you.

Mold Testing & Detection Techniques

We prioritize your health and safety, ensuring the effectiveness of our mold remediation through comprehensive, independent lab air tests. This approach guarantees that your living environment is restored to a safe, ecologically balanced state. We offer a variety of precise mold testing methods, including:

  • Mold Spore Air Testing: Assesses air quality in specific home areas (basement, main floor, attic, etc.), identifying mold concentration levels to pinpoint remediation focus.
  • Lift-Tape Sampling: Collects surface samples, like from wood, to determine the exact mold type present.
  • ERMI Testing: Provides a detailed mold contamination history of the home, favored for its comprehensive data.
  • HERTSMI Testing: Similar to ERMI but often used for more specific health-related assessments, recommended by some medical professionals for its detailed insight into potential health impacts.

Innovative, Chemical-Free Mold Remediation

After conducting thorough air quality tests, we partner with you to develop a mold remediation plan that revitalizes your home’s ecological health without resorting to chemical interventions. Unlike the majority of remediation services that rely on chemical solutions — which may not only pose health risks but also fail to eliminate mold at its source — MoldPro LLC champions a chemical-free strategy.

This approach is critical for those with mold toxin illnesses, as exposure to harsh chemicals can exacerbate health issues. We pride ourselves on setting the industry benchmark for non-toxic mold remediation, a commitment we uphold with every project. Our team delivers the safest, most effective chemical-free mold remediation, ensuring your home is not only mold-free but also maintains a safe environment for your health and well-being.

Specialized Remediation Services

At MoldPro LLC, we offer a suite of specialized remediation services, each designed to address specific aspects of mold removal and air quality improvement. From advanced technologies to eco-friendly solutions, our methods are tailored to ensure a thorough and effective remediation process

Dry Ice Blasting

This eco-friendly method stands at the forefront of MoldPro LLC’s mold remediation techniques, leveraging the power of solid CO2 that sublimates upon contact — eliminating mold without leaving chemical residues. Heralded for its purity and approved across industries, including food processing, ensures complete mold removal from your environment. Unlike traditional methods, it prevents mold regrowth, offering a clean, safe, and highly effective solution to maintaining your home’s ecological health. It is the safest, most thorough and advanced method of mold remediation today.

Small Particle Cleaning

This treatment uses a safe ethanol/water solution to meticulously wipe clean surfaces of mold spores. Suitable for a comprehensive range of hard surfaces found in homes or businesses — such as walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, and hard-surface furniture — this method not only addresses mold but also eliminates dust that can trap spores, ensuring a healthier environment. This approach underscores our dedication to providing effective, chemical-free mold remediation solutions tailored to both residential and commercial settings.

Aerosolver Treatment

This fogging technique enhances indoor air purification by dispersing the Aerosolver Pure solution as a fine mist, rapidly and effectively reducing mold contaminants and airborne particles. This innovative approach ensures a swift, thorough air cleansing, reflecting our dedication to non-toxic, health-promoting mold remediation practices for both homes and businesses

HEPA Vacuuming

Following the dry ice blasting process, our High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum is used to eliminate up to 99.97% of contaminants as small as .03 microns. This critical step ensures that mold spores and other particles are thoroughly removed from the treated area, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of the remediation process and contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Ozone Treatments

This specialized treatment — performed only on the advice of a medical professional — offers a powerful solution for air purification, beneficial for those facing health issues from contaminated air. Ozone, a potent natural sterilant, effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and odors, mimicking the air purification that occurs naturally during lightning storms. This advanced oxidation process ensures a comprehensive cleanse, to ensure safety and effectiveness in creating a healthier living environment.

Final Touches for a Healthier Home

Completing the remediation, we focus on long-term solutions to ensure your home remains safe against mold-related health risks, including:

  • Insulation Removal and Installation: Removing insulation can rid the home of potentially harmful chemicals, animal feces, and other contaminants.  Your compromised insulation will be removed, and new, formaldehyde-free insulation will be installed.  Whether you have rolled or blown-in insulation, removal is done in a manner to keep contaminants from entering the living area.  MoldPro removes most attic insulation with a specialized vacuum.
  • Air Scrubbing: Air inside the home is filtered through a three-stage HEPA filter.  Exhaust air is sometimes vented outside the home to aid in cleaning the indoor air.  All air is filtered down to .03 microns and is 99.97% clean on contaminants.

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