At MoldPro, we specialize in working with clients that are suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), also known as mold biotoxin illness. Often times these people are referred to us by their medical professional who upon diagnosing their symptoms, have come to the conclusion that mold in the home could be the root cause of their health issues.

Because these patients are often extremely sensitive to chemicals, it’s of the utmost importance that chemical-free methods are used in the remediation process.

It’s extremely gratifying for us to be able to work with these patients to restore their home to a healthy ecological state. The results speak for themselves…



Lisa L. – Pinckney, MI

Words cannot express our appreciation for MoldPro restoring our daughter Mia’s health (and likely saving her life). Mia suffered from a mysterious illness for 3 years (sudden onset of chronic eczema covering 90% of her body and requiring 3 hospitalizations for intensive steroid treatments, frequent bloody noses, chronic sinus issues, extreme fatigue, inability to concentrate, hair loss, depression, joint pain, headaches, and sensitivity to light). We later discovered the cause of her health issues was exposure to toxic mold spores. My husband, who is a scientist, did extensive research to find the best mold remediation company to give our daughter the best chance of recovering and we selected MoldPro. They did an extensive cleanup on our home and Mia recovered completely.



Joy C. – Dexter, MI

I owe my health and wellness to MoldPro! I was so very very sick from the hidden mold in our house. MoldPro FIXED OUR HOUSE – and now I am able to rest and recover in a mold free home. MoldPro went above and beyond what other companies offer for remediation. The staff is kind and very professional. I only have WONDERFUL things to say about this OUTSTANDING company! THANK YOU MOLDPRO!



The Quigley Family – Grosse Pointe, MI

John and his team did a big job for us in regards to a remediation project in our home in Grosse Pointe. We were away at the time and he and his team handled everything in such a professional way! I am a mom and have young children. I had many health issues and felt confident that John was the right person to get the job done in a safe, efficient and timely manner. He was very caring and compassionate about the situation in our home. He ensured the safety of the home and fixed the situation. Thank you for your hard work!

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